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Blue Ox Jazz Babies: Photos

At the Pub 500 with Ron
The Front Line
On the Patio
Who's blowing on all that plumbing?
Tim Robinson on Trumpet
What a band!
A Classic Car for a Classic Era of Music!
The car and house are as old as our music!
Everybody loves Rip!!
There's our historian, Lowell Schreyer!
Barry Clapper on the "Licorice Stick"!
They call him "Memphis Jim"!
Father and Son (The son has the darker hair!)
Rockin' at the Quarry with our friend, Hal
Singing "Bye Bye Lowell" to Bye Bye Blues
Leroy, Bill, Jim, Ted, Tom, Rich
Lowell Schreyer Memorial Band
Trombone Trio "Closer Walk With Thee"
Giving Lowell a true New Orleans sendoff!
Harry Neisen presents "Marigold" helicon (horn from the 1800's) to Ted in honor of Lowell
Original "Michaels Minstrels" remembering Lowell
Here's an eight piece combo that went over very well at "The Wilds" country club